Welcome! This is an open source and open access book on how to do Data Science using Julia. Our target audience are researchers from all fields of applied sciences. Of course, we hope to be useful for industry too. You can navigate through the pages of ebook by using the arrow keys (left/right) on your keyboard.

The book is also available as PDF.

The source code is available at GitHub.

Work in Progress

This book is almost finished and we plan to publish within a few months. Roughly, the status is as follows:

For details about the status, see the JuliaDataScience GitHub repository.


Of course, data science is about more things than just tables, basic statistics and plotting. We want to cover more topics, but we have scheduled them for the second edition of the book. For now, the planned topics for the second edition are:

Citation Info

To cite the content, please use:

Storopoli, Huijzer and Alonso (2021). Julia Data Science. https://juliadatascience.io.

Or in BibTeX format:

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Jose Storopoli, Rik Huijzer and Lazaro Alonso