1.3 Acknowledgements

Many people have contributed directly and indirectly to this book.

Jose Storopoli would like to thank his family, especially his wife for the support and love during the writing and reviewing process. He would also like to thank his colleagues, especially Fernando Serra, Wonder Alexandre Luz Alves and André Librantz, for their encouragement.

Rik Huijzer would first like to thank his PhD supervisors at the University of Groningen, Peter de Jonge, Ruud den Hartigh and Frank Blaauw for their support. This feedback helps in improving the book and finding motivation to improve the book further. Most importantly, he would like to thank his parents and girlfriend for being hugely supportive during the holiday and all the weekends and evenings that were involved in making this book.

Lazaro Alonso would like to thank his wife and daughters for their encouragement to get involved in this project.

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Jose Storopoli, Rik Huijzer, Lazaro Alonso