6.4 Cheat Sheets

What are all the possible plotting functions available in Makie.jl? To answer this question, a CHEAT SHEET is shown in Figure 11. These work especially well with the CairoMakie.jl backend:

Figure 11: Plotting functions: CHEAT SHEET. Output given by CairoMakie.

For completeness, in Figure 12, we show the corresponding functions CHEAT SHEET for GLMakie.jl, which supports mostly 3D plots. Those will be explained in detail in Section 6.9.

Figure 12: Plotting functions: CHEAT SHEET. Output given by GLMakie.

Now, that we have an idea of all the things we can do, let’s go back and continue with the basics. It’s time to learn how to change the general appearance of our plots.

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